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A children’s museum offers a unique community resource.

Schools benefit

Current educational standards require today’s teachers to cover a tremendous amount of material in a very streamlined manner. Real learning takes time. Educators have long known the importance of hands-on experiences in facilitating the learning process. A local children’s museum is a valuable resource to teachers by providing interactive exhibits to support and extend classroom work.

Valley Children’s Museum aligns itself closely with local educators to offer exhibits that enrich grade level instruction. The museum facility will also serve as a center for family-oriented, educational programs, clubs and special events. Other area children’s museums are too far away (between 30-45 minutes drive time) to substantially contribute to this community.

Communities benefit

Valley Children’s Museum will provide an opportunity for children and families to learn about what makes the Valley a special place to learn and grow. It will reflect the lives of those who visit the facility and be filled with the history and exceptional nature of the region. Kids, their families, schools and community explore the science, art and environment of our unique region through hands-on exhibits and programs.

The Museum Mission Experience – brought to Bay Area Children by Valley Children’s Museum

Background:     In December of 2006, the Board of Directors of Valley Children’s Museum approved the gift of the mobile museum, the Moving Mission from Mervyn’s, a leading west-coast based department store.  The Moving Mission was originally designed in partnership with the Fresno Metropolitan Museum and the Autry Museum of Western Heritage and had been successfully operated for several years for Southern California.

Transforming California from a hunter-gatherer economy into today’s global agricultural and industrial powerhouse began with the mission system established by Spanish missionaries starting in the late 1700’s. This important time in California development comes to life with the Valley Children’s Museum’s “Mission Experience”.  This updated program is made possible in part by a generous grant from the City of Dublin.

“Inside the truck was very interesting. It was just like going into a mystery museum!” – Amy Lynn (4th Grader)

Fourth grade students and teachers will learn first hand about the California Missions and Native Americans in the 52’ expandable trailer filled with hands-on exhibits. During the course of the program, children assume the role of history detectives as they explore replicas of mission artifacts with activities such as building a mission, planning a mission farm and exploring mission culture and technology.

“So children oriented! The children learned a lot and were able to relate it to what we were studying.” – Ms. Sandberg (4th Grade Teacher)

The exhibits, which combine history with math, science and language arts, complement the prescribed California Mission curriculum and are developed and delivered with the assistance of the local educational community, museums and local associations. Discussions, along with pre and post-visit learning packets, extend the hands-on learning experience.

The Mobile Mission Experience is open to the public during our regularly scheduled events and can be booked by educators or student groups for special sessions.

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