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Mission Museum Experience

Valley Children’s Museum is pleased to offer educators in the Bay Area a chance to immerse their students in our Mission Museum Experience.  Educators can book a two hour session and do play based activities that will bring the mission experience to life.   Please click here for more information and to check our calendar for available dates.

Information and Resource  links

Spanish Missions Wikipedia Link

California Mission Resource Center Link – a comprehensive and unique resource for historical information on the twenty-one California Missions.  Includes maps and timelines of the California Missions as well as key facts by mission.

Spanish Missions of California – A resource website for teachers and students in their study of the California Missions, includes research suggestions and lesson plan ideas.  CSU Bakersfield Masters Program



Uncommon MissionIn the summer of 1997, Father Jermone Tupa undertook the ambitious project of traveling to and painting all twenty-one California Missions. As an artist, a professor of French literature, a Benedictine monk, and an ordained priest, he brought a unique vision to the subject.